Cluster Troubleshooting

Did you run inte trouble setting up you Loadcoder cluster? At this page you find useful information in how to troubleshoot it.


If something doesnt work in the cluster and you don't know where to start looking, it always a good idea to start by checking the docker containers

To list all containers:

$ docker container ls -a
CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                           COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS                            PORTS                            NAMES
2a76634793cb        loadcoderhub/loadship:1.0.0     "/usr/local/bin/mvn-…"   4 seconds ago       Exited (2) 3 seconds ago                                           loadcoder-0
c0eaf1fb157a        grafana/grafana:5.4.3           "/"                2 days ago          Up 12 minutes           >3000/tcp           grafana
e8711b3ef4e8        influxdb:1.7.10                 "/ infl…"   2 days ago          Up 12 minutes           >8086/tcp           influxdb
b0e436347d78        loadcoderhub/loadship:1.0.0     "/usr/local/bin/mvn-…"   2 days ago          Exited (137) About a minute ago                                    loadship

If your loadcoder immediately dies you should check the container logs using loadcoders container ID

$ docker logs 2a76634793cb

The Loadcoder container will log various helpful information for your troubleshooting. If there are no erroneous messages logged and the following line are logged at the end, this means that the container executed the from your load test project

Running extracted
The Master and the Workers

The Master and the Worker nodes will be machines runnning Linux with the Docker API running. Follow instructions for Initial Cluster Setup to setup these machines.


The Controller is a Java application you use from your workstation to manage you Loadcoder cluster. You can for instance setup the entire cluster, start a performance test and tear the test down, fully automated, with just a few lines of code. Follow the Controller instructions for how to create and use it.